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Videos and Podcasts

CMU, 2014, Daylighting Frontiers, 80 minutes

Lecture at Carnegie Mellon University, School of Architecture, making the case for why daylighting is important and trends in research and development.

Velux Daylight Symposium, Rotterdam, 2013,

The Daylighting Potential of Existing Office Buildings

Presentation at Velux Daylight Symposium summarizing findings from Heschong Mahone Group study of energy savings potential from adding photocontrols to daylit areas in existing office buildings in California, along with study of sunlight redirecting window films.


NPR Living on Earth with Steve Curwood 1999, transcript of radio interview

Host Steve Curwood talks with Lisa Heschong (HEH-shong), co-author of a new study which suggests that elementary school kids exposed to lots of diffuse natural light learn faster and perform substantially better on tests than students learning by artificial light. The study also found dramatic sales increases in stores with skylights. (05:15)

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